Sunday, November 1, 2015

I conquered The Mandarin

So I figure I will chunk up my updates from the past few days, I'm late, I get it, but wait until you hear all the dramz. (Attaching my blood test food results for reference and FYI)

So Sunday - My mother's bday. She loves Chinese food and wanted to go to the Mandarin. She knows I'm on this diet and I told her I can't eat anything there, and it's a buffet so not fair at all. She agreed.

So we compromised and went to the Mandarin.

Aside from spending like $600 this day (I bought these which I'm dying over), I got home and got my winter tires switched over. In Canada if you own a car you have to own winter tires (all season is not winter).

Fast Forward to the Mandarin. I never felt worse about myself in my life. I walked by spring rolls. SPRING ROLLS! My favourite roll. Basically everything is breaded or battered or pasteried. I wish I took a picture but my entire plate was meat and veggies. Worst buffet experience ever.

You should have seen me slinking to the dessert table and leaving empty handed. It was really sad, in the same type of way you go to wave to someone and they don't see you but everyone else does so you pretend to run your hand through your hair.

I did not cheat. Not ONCE! I haven't had bread in a week.

So unrelated, but I'm driving home and my car starts to shake violently as soon as I get on the highway. "What the actual fuck" I say aloud, numerous times. It felt like a giant was jackrabbiting my car. I had to pull over and call my pere.

"PERE! My car is undrivable, I'm on the side of the highway like an idiot (10:30pm)." Eventually I'm told to come back to my parents and stay the night to take my car to Toyota in the AM first thing and hope I can get in. 

I'm driving 80 on the highway, with visions of tires flying off my car. I joke now, but I was actually terrified my tires would fly off. I get home - no makeup (this upset me), no clothes, no toothbrushes or makeup remover or anything, no hair stuff. I am literally a vagrant.

I raid my poor mums bathroom cupboards and steal what I can. I then sleep on a mattress on bare wooden floorboards since my parents are replacing the carpet. I was just missing the bindle and the flaming oil barrel fire.

Anyway I stay over and try to use my mum's basic makeup to try to not look like an actual homeless person. But I digress. 

Took my car in, they figured out there were backwards lugnuts - got that fixed. Keep in mind I'm missing my job today - I had to work but had to work remote to take care of the car stuff. So I'm stressed, and frazzled, and hungry since my parents don't have anything I can eat. So all morning / afternoon I'm waiting for my car and the only thing I could have was an apple.

So I drive home and decide I am way too exhausted to cook or prepare lunches and think "I'm going to regret this tomorrow." .... little did I know I was right...

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