Monday, November 2, 2015

One Week in - You'll never guess THIS happened

You fell for that clickbait you - I'm that asshole. I'm sorry.

Ok so as I told you, my Sunday / Monday was rough. I was frazzled and tired and rushed.

When I got home Monday I barely ate and just kind of fell asleep after some chicken and sweet potato.

So I get to work and am exhausted. Physically, emotionally, I was drained. I also had marked one week of my diet on Monday.

Until now my cravings were manageable (not including the pizza fiasco on Friday). In all honestly I thought I would be craving more. This is possibly because I ate a shit-ton (that could be a metric measurement) of M&Ms. I can't remember if I already told you the story of the M&Ms... I'll recount it anyway.

So my friend is in the states for work and texts me "Hey I'm coming back to Toronto, do you want me to bring you anything?" And I said "bring me back something fat people would like." Looking back now, I realize this is not the nicest thing I could have said, nor was it the most PC. I get back 3 bags of M&Ms. 

Wait I think I told this story already on Friday. Ok, moral of the story I have too many M&Ms and I was eating them all weekend. I convinced myself that chocolate is fine because of the minute amount of "dairy" in it. If it's not refrigerated then I don't count it as dairy.

So it's possible my cravings for at least chocolate/sweets were curved by doing this.

I should give an update now that I've already rambled and digressed and you're a captive audience:

I feel absolutely zero difference. I have cut back on candy/sugar probably 80%, completely cut out potato, rice, dairy (save for about a half a bag of M&Ms), and all wheat.

No results, not even weight loss. Which let me tell you is super, super, super discouraging that not only is my main sinusitis still active and as abhorrent as ever, but I don't even get a bonus side effect of weight loss?!

In fact, I've gained a pound in 7 days after fluctuating a pound here and there. They told me not to look at the scale daily and I did. This is the price I pay. tears into my disgusting diet breakfast.

After my car ordeal and I was back in Toronto, I stopped at Bulk Barn (bulk candy, seeds, kitchen grains, powders, dried foods etc. It's a Canadian gem) and got a bunch of things to make my life more bearable and less dramatic.

These things included:

  • Arrowroot powder
    • I'm assuming I can make those baby cookies but I didn't look into it extensively as you can tell. I think I just assuming this was wheat free. I don't even think I looked. Let me check. Ok just checked - it's actually what/gluten free made from a root and is wheat free.
  • Chocolate/pain whey protein
    • I realize I can't have this until my diet is over
  • Buckwheat flour/pancake mix
    • It's one of the only Gluten-free Grains I can have. It's gluten free since it's from a different botanical family than normal wheat. It's pretty popular wheat-alternative for pancakes and things
  • Couscous 
    • This is the only normal 'grain' I can have, and have no idea how to cook it or what to eat with it. Is it a grain? Is it a small pasta? I don't even know.
So I made Buckwheat pancakes and you know what...... They weren't bad. they weren't quite the same as flour but the texture was pretty close, minus the more whole wheat/brown wheat look to them. Honestly, with some syrup and margarine they were pretty good.